Warrior RPG-7


Warrior RPG-7 is a mighty, reliable recoilless weapon – man-portable, shoulder-fired, antitank rocket-propelled grenade launcher, designed to defeat tanks, self-propelled artillery units and other armored vehicles, as well as manpower in open and in armored shelters (range with different rounds and sights 50-3000m).

Calibre: 40 mm

Ammunition: Works with all types of anti-tank, fragmentation, thermobaric and tandem type 40mm rounds for this type of grenade-launcher

Length: 953mm

Weight (with sighting device): 6.45kg Angle of elevation (degrees): up to 30 for PGDN-7VIR only

Sights optional: Optical Sight/ Digital Day&Night/ Thermal vision sight with: collapsible bipod upon request

Firing rate: 4- 6 (rounds/minute); Portable combat set (rounds): 5

System life (rounds):

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